Friday, February 19, 2010

Cheux cheux part deux

For you non French speakers, that's Choo Choo part Two.
As you can see from the photo below, N scale is tiny (that is a quarter inside the rail on the locomotive) but not as tiny as Z scale. Obviously, I picked up an engine (loco for you model train enthusiasts) and a couple of pieces of rolling stock (train cars for you non model train enthusiasts).
My two new pieces of "rolling stock", a 75 ton coal hauler and a caboose. Both fall within the era of the middle 1950's or earlier which is the era that I have chosen for my layout.
I also picked up some pier supports for my bridges. Yep, that's a switch under the bridge. Not real convenient to get at but it works for the layout. It is a combo manual/electric switch and can be controlled by a remote switch controller box.
Duh, switch controller boxes as you might expect. There are eight of them shown here because I have eight switches in my layout. The blue thing in the middle is the activator switch/button. It is a switch that can be pushed left or right (corresponding to the switch direction) and a button because to activate the switch, you must push down on the blue switch like a button to activate it, but only for 1 second.
This photo hopefully will give you a little perspective and a little scale. That is a standard screwdriver lying on the table between the two little cars. The power/speed controller is to the right of them just going out of the photo.
That is where I am at present on my new found enjoyable hobby. Getting ready to do some elevation supports where you see cardboard etc. Hoping to make gradual elevation changes and then to start doing some landscaping and making scale buildings.
Stay tuned for continued progress! I am getting excited about the whole thing. I actually can run the little train around the layout and work the switches and put cars on the sidings etc. Soon, I will be getting the bumpers for the ends of the sidings and picking up more "rolling stock".
Have a little fun when you can and if you don't have one, start a new hobby today!


  1. Love the pics and want to see more!

  2. Hey Roy,
    Caroline and I both read your blog so keep it coming and don't lose heart. I was crazy about "my" electric train when I was a kid (my sisters might say it was "our" train, but whatever). Funny about things that "get lost" when one moves. The two best paintings I ever made got lost in the move from NH to FL. I can only believe that someone REALLY wanted them. So I guess they were pretty good....? - CShoe