Saturday, February 14, 2009

On the occasion of Valentines Day

Today, being the day of love according to the calender, is dedicated to all the ladies in my life present and past. So here are a few poems that I have written to you. I confess that perhaps one or two of you have never known that they were written for you. I hope you forgive my silence, but know that fear of criticism kept them hidden. For those following my blog, I love you and hope that you find these pieces either inspiring or topical.

When I'm Alone

Sometimes at night when all alone
I sit and ponder the things that mean so much,
Children, you, and home.
Then to my heart I clutch
Memories, childhood, people I've known,
and lessons that have shown
to me so much
of good things that I can touch
when I'm all alone.
(April, 1980)

It Fills My Soul

Love doesn't think twice,
It just reaches out and whispers across the distance
and can come all at once.
That beautiful flood that fills your soul
that touches you in those innermost spots
where bazillions of starts explode
in that exquisite passionate place
where the universe begins,
where the "me" exists and no one has tread
like some night blooming jasmine
unseen by light
brought on by the night, exploding like a living fireworks display
to fill that dark place within with light
and imbue desire where there was only the lonely,
calling the primal there
waking the animal
beginning a hunger that can only be filled by one.
(June, 1996)

Those Words
I love you. It comes out without thinking, sometimes in a whisper. It comes out so easy, but sometimes, hard. We think that if we don't say it often enough that it will not be true or the other person will think that we have stopped loving them for a time. It reinforces what is already there, making it real. Once in a while, there is a panic thought that if we don't say it, it really isn't true. Hoping that those words will make something that isn't become something that is, forcing the issue. I love you, those words like the rain, falling so gently like raindrops upon the lips, but like the rain, sometimes becoming like a flood, large heavy drops almost bruising, rising in passion until the fervor is quenched, lessening until once again falling like gentle raindrops. Those words,
easy, real, unreal, meaning nothing, meaning everything, saying one thing, meaning so many things.
Words that are feeling, not merely just an expression of a fleeting moment, but an expression of a lifestyle, an inner being. I love you, sometimes said in hopes that it will make the other one understand our heart,
as if they do not
already know.
Said to allay the fear inside that maybe the other one does not feel the same way
and that if we say those words often enough, they will start to feel that way. The easiest words to say, yet impossible for some to say. I love you, said alone suffices and that is all there is that needs to be said. Sometimes it is just inserted, usually at the end of things said, or interjected, almost as an afterthought, as if it can cover the weak parts. It says that sometimes I may hurt you or disappoint you or say something that you may misunderstand but I hope that you remember that I love you no matter what and that I hope that you love me too. If we could read minds we would never need, those words, I love you.

(December, 1996)

In order to disclaim responsibility that anyone else might think that they have incurred, I am the sole person to blame for the content of any poems you might find on this blog site (unless I pass the blame on to the author of anything else I might post here) but all of the poems that appear on this site are my own unless indicated as I give credit where credit is due.

Thanks for tuning in. Have a little fun when you can. Happy Valentines Day to you.

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